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By | February 11, 2018

Are you guys waiting for Kerala Examination Board Results @ 2018 ? Board result and kerala results @ 2018  is one of the most worrying phenomena for the students may it be the CBSE or the state boards. Students usually get engulfed in stress when the date of declaration nears. Even though the exact date of declaration won’t be published, a tentative date will always be announced at least before two to three weeks. Students get drowned in tension when the results take too long to get published as this may even affect their future studies. 2018 Results:

The 2018 results will be published in the second or third week of May. As the exams haven’t yet started, the date of publishing cannot be finalized. The results would be published on the official site at

The Directorate of the Higher Secondary Education in Kerala stated in a press release that the 12th Board exams are expected to commence from 8th March and will end on 23rd of the same month, whereas for the 12th students, the exams will commence from the same day as that of the 10th, but the exams will only end on 28th March. An important thing to be noted is that these dates are tentative.

Kerala Board Examination Results 2018  @ 2018 :

Reports are that the board is planning to announce the results as per the annual academic calendar. The result publishing can be affected by the strikes or any other political or public issues. Usually, the results get late if there is an election going on. This year, there are no elections to be conducted during the month of April or May, so the results may be published as expected. The main dilemma the students face is when the results i.e get delayed, as this can affect their admissions to the next course. Grade 10th students are worst affected by this. As a huge rush is experienced to the schools, the students of grade 10th studying under the state board may find it difficult as the results of CBSE comes out a bit earlier. This causes to the early filling up of seats to the grade 11th. check the Latest Updates of Kerala Examination Board Results @ 2018 from here. Previous Years Statistics:

In the last year, 4, 37,156 passed the exam with flying colors. Trivandrum had the highest pass percentage of 98.82% while Wayand had the lowest pass percentage which is 79.65%. There was a hike in the pass percentage as compared to 2016. So the analysts are expecting that this trend will continue in this year as well. In 2016, Kannur was the state with the highest pass percentage of 84% and the lowest pass percentage of 72.4% was in Pathanamthitta. If you analyze the trend, it can easily be noted there is a difference of 14.82% between the states that stood first in the respective years. If this trend continues, then surely, the overall pass percentage will increase dramatically.

Many people account this increase in pass percentage to the decrease in toughness level of the question paper and the board authorities faced a lot of complaints regarding this matter. One thing is clear from the above statistics, if this trend continues, soon the states can achieve 100% pass percentage, but the value of education received will remain as a question mark. if you still have any issues regarding 2018 comment down below.

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